Breathe in… Breathe out... Lying in the bath, watching my heartbeat create ripples around my sick body. 23 December 2009. Thirty three years old.
I have just received my liver cancer diagnosis with an extra helping of skin and bowel cancer. The growth was invasive and there were no laparoscopy equipment available, so I underwent open abdominal surgery where I received my “branding mark” from the large L-shaped incision. With my motto in life –
“There is always light at the end of a dark, long tunnel”
- I saw this L-shaped scar as my “Learners” sign. I learned to ask why, how and when. I was fired up mentally but physically I was still sick and weak.
I packed my bags and flew to Bison and Longhorn country, Texas. I met an amazing Doctor in Fort Worth, broadened my knowledge base in the Natraceutical and Natural healing arena and took the proverbial “Wholelistical” plunge – wholeheartedly.
I realised not only does my body need bioavailable nutrition, but so does my skin, as at least 60% of all the 400-600 toxins in common skincare items are absorbed into my bloodstream daily! From soap, to make-up, body lotions, perfumes, washing powders and more. Biologically the skin craves certain elements to return to homeostasis, the state of balance and harmony. I made a study of this, as well as what our forefathers used for skincare. A whole new world opened where ancient traditions collided with modern research. Following a primal lifestyle and diet, and finding myself in Bison country, I tried my hand at the Voortrekker/Pioneer skin care recipes. It was love at first feel and my thirsty skin soaked up all of the goodness as if it was just a natural part of it.
I was astounded to see the magical harmony between our skin and the beautiful, creamy, golden whipped Certified Free Range (FR) and Grass Fed (GF) rendered animal fat, or tallow. As we are not plants, but more similar to a pastured animal, the skin anatomy is biologically so closely related that our skin sees GF, FR tallow as its own - with the same fat soluble Vitamin and Mineral profile your skin naturally produces and craves in order to heal and promote longevity.

I immediately started creating tallow concoctions, testing them on myself and my loved ones as I went along.

I treasured every minute spent in the kitchen again, knowing I was on the path to healing. HAPPY DAYS!

I already knew then I would live by these following guidelines in creating my Pure Primal skinfood regime:
Water and oil do not mix unless emulsifiers and preservatives are added. Because you absorb and therefore “eat” your skincare ingredients, I wanted to have a 100% edible skincare and eco-home regime. I always say: If you cannot put it into your mouth, it should not go onto your skin.” Another reason I decided against a “watered-down” product is the fact that water evaporates and dehydrates the skin when applied topically. And why would you want to pay for cheap water fillers when you can have a luxuriously concentrated product that lasts and lasts?
Our skin craves something biologically identical to what it naturally consists of in a healthy state. We absorb most skincare ingredients within a few seconds. So simply put – your skincare should be Food for your SKIN.
I REALY dislike any and all forms of wasting. We recycle and re-use almost everything. Our used teabags and organic coffee grinds go into exfoliation soaps. Freerange, baked egg shells go into our Pot scrub Boerseep bars. In keeping with this we support local sustainable farmers who take the time to farm “harder” but better so they can offer us truly FR and GF reared protein. Then there is the “discarded waste” – the star of the show… the FAT that we so dearly treasure and gather from an amazingly passionate and knowledgeable butcher. No longer thrown into the bin, but instead turned into the base of our product range.

In this way we honour the animal’s life that has been given to us by not wasting anything and utilising the animal’s offering from nose-to-tail - just as it’s written up in the old Voortrekker documentations and write-ups. We also have a Fat-Buck-Giveback initiative where we support animal shelters in giving 5% back of all our online sales.

We are crazy-mad about artisan. Small batch. Local. Handmade. Love the imperfections. This is clearly seen in our Boerseep bars that have a modern, hip take on a centuries-old recipe. We add our last-of–season homegrown veggies and fruits to the mix and hand-cut and double-handwrap all our soap bars.


Sylvie Hewett

Passionate Skinfood Chef

"My brain thinks in English, maar my hart klop in Afrikaans. " Sylvie Hewett, owner and founder of this gift God has given her, is passionate about our farmers, the environment, healthy living and anything Lokal. Pure Primal is the fruit of this passion.


Creative Extraordinaire

First and foremost, she is my beautiful sis..a Mum of 2 kiddos, an avid nature lover with creative flair beyond explanation. Needless to say, Wendy is the latest team member that makes everything pretty with a true PPS flair.


Lifting the load with a smile
and living up to his name

Blessing is always there to jump in when things get frantic, helping in every way possible.

Dave Du Boisson

Handy DIY'er, market co-ordinator
human test subject

Dave is a pillar of support, a voice of reason and steady presence at markets. Build it, source it, get it done.


Market coordinator, product lover
& apprentice

Rika's passion and wealth of knowledge on the Pure Primal range makes her the perfect product trainer and brain-tapping source.


All things SOAP

Funny is Blessings wife. She's TINY but the biggest heart and best work ethic. She is the lady who wraps every single soap bar that you receive in your parcels.