Are you being beauty Greenwashed…. say what??
With so many cosmetic products out there claiming to be all natural or organic, how can you tell if what you are buying is truly all natural?
When buying a “natural” product, make sure all the ingredients listed are FOOD for your skin/body. Many companies use natural seed oils as a cheap filler which could be carcinogenic due to oxidation. Seed oils may also cause inflammation and worsening of eczema to name a few.

Adding water to a product, one must use a preservative due to natural occurring bacteria in water. You also then pay dearly for a very low cost ingredient that actually DEHYDRATES the skin.

Product packaging has green leaves on it and says “organic”, “all natural”, or “no harmful chemicals” but do you really know what they are made of?
Personal care products labeled organic are not subject to the same standards and enforcement by the government as food. This is where beauty Greenwashing comes in.

Certain brands use greenwashing to make their products seem all natural when they actually contain harmful chemicals OR “natural” ingredients not truly beneficial to your health.

Cosmetic brands can freely use terms like “herbal”, “natural organic”, and “green” to make their products seem all natural when in fact they are not.  The only way to really know is to check the ingredients on the packaging.  Now, for the educated cosmetic user, these chemicals can be easy to read. However, for most of us, terms like Hydroquinone, Sodium Lauryl, and Isobutylparaben can make you feel like you are studying chemistry. You’ll be surprised to find out how many of them contain harmful chemicals and “natural” ingredients that may harm your skin and health in the long run!

So in this day and age when consumers are shopping for more organic, healthier foods and products, it’s easy to get “greenwashed” into buying something that is not all natural and may contain harmful chemicals or natural ingredients that can hurt your skin.

Green colored packaging with phrases like “made from all natural ingredients” can mislead consumers to purchase products with artificial ingredients. PURE PRIMAL takes pride in not greenwashing as all of our products are actually made from all natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals. So much so that you can EAT our products! We do hope that our clients are informative consumers and don’t get “greenwashed” into using a product that may actually be bad for them and their family.