Tallow Bath Bar – Valentines LTD Edition

Organic Wine, Cacao, Pomegranate & Vanilla

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You will buy this bar with the intention as a gift, BUT buy two as you will fall in love! Keep one for your own skin-loving-spoils! The unisex scent makes it a great gift for anyone!


As usual, the base of this Limited edition Artisan Bath Bar is liquid gold… Free Range Tallow!
We blended and infused the following organic, antioxidant rich ingredients into this skin-loving, nourishing bar:
Pomegranate Juice, Local Merlot, Cacao nibs, Vanilla Pod and a hint of Geranium.

As always – our soap is greywater system safe, kind to the waterbed/environment and wrapped in eco-conscious packaging.
Do your skin – and environment – justice and try one!

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