Clean Face Ⓥ – Facial Cleanser

2-in-1 OCM & make-up remover - 100 ml | 3.38 fl.oz



OCM = Oil Cleanse Method. This is an old ritual that’s scientifically proven & works better than most cleansing methods.

I carefully selected this blend of top quality oils with gentle cleansing, conditioning and oil-balancing properties. Uniquely formulated cleanser to deep cleanse, detoxify & dissolve impurities (make-up/daily environmental toxins) without drying the skin so that you’re left with a complexion that feels soft, clean & nourished. A must try and have!

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Your Clean Face oils are sensitive to the elements, thus well protected being bottled in a dark, homeopathic glass bottle with a drop-dispenser.

Most of this oil blend consists out of the more expensive nutritious oils (not only the cheaper filler/carrier oils most companies use!)

Please keep in mind that it may take 1-2 weeks for your skin to fully adjust to this amazing Oil Cleansing method, as your complexion may need some detoxifying time.

*Pure Primal products are uniquely blended with care by hand in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and nutrient density.  Therefore, each batch may change ever so slightly – we do not disrupt and alter Mother Nature.. We change our products according to what she offers each season.

I suggest you use the Pure Primal 3C Face Bar OR our new DRY Bar (body/hair/face in one!)alternating days, for optimal results and the normal/dry face Moisturiser for the most nourishing, all-day hydration benefit.