Erythritol Ⓥ – Sugar Substitute

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 We have used Xylitol since years ago but realized, according to the latest research, that it raise blood sugar and would therefore not be suitable for weight-loss/diabetic customers.


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Xylitol almost always cause gastric distress/diarrhea which is very unhealthy due to the disturbance of your gut micro-biome. Xylitol may also cause a dependency to empty your colon, and become lazy.

So now that we are not using Xylitol, we use Primal Erythritol as substitute.

Benefits of Erythritol

ZERO Calories: Erythritol has 0 calories per gram based on it’s unique absorption and elimination process which does not involve metabolism. Thus, erythritol is uniquely qualified as a zero calorie sweetener .

Well digested: The small intestine rapidly absorbs Erythritol with no time to ferment by the human body, unlike Xylitol which cause the gastric discomfort.  Foods containing large amounts of erythritol are very unlikely to cause gaseous and laxation side effects. A recent clinical study: Consumption of 1 gram per kilogram body weight of erythritol in various foods and beverages over the course of a day is well tolerated by adults as compared to sucrose/xylitol containing foods.

 Safe for diabetics: Erythritol does not affect blood serum glucose or insulin levels. It has a zero glycemic index, unlike Xylitol. Clinical studies shows diabetics may safely substitute sucralose and xylitol with erythritol.

No tooth decay: Erythritol like other polyols is resistant to metabolism by oral Bacteria. Erythritol has been recognized by the  American Dental Association. The FDA has approved the use of a health claim in labeling for sugar-free foods that contains erythritol.