Face Moisturiser – Hydrating Cream

Unisex Face nutrition - 50 ml & NEW TRAVEL size 28ml



Blended especially for a normal/oily/dry/sensitive skin, Pure Primal Face Moisturiser easily melts down into a silky smooth, highly absorbable hydrating, yet balancing, day/night cream. Being uniquely skin compatible (Bioidentical), Pure Primal Moisturiser penetrates the skin and promotes the skin to soften, protect & heal itself with the anti-oxidants and nourishing fat soluble, anti-inflammatory vitamins and multiple minerals.
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I need you to read up on WHY you should be using the Pure Primal Waterless, Grass Fed Tallow formula on your hungry skin. Our products, being uniquely Bioidentical, truly nourish and feed your skin the nutrients it needs to promote the skin to heal itself, back to optimal longevity.

So, being bioidentical as well as waterless, with a base of nutrient dense Certifies grass Fed Free Range tallow, you can expect the cream to look/feel more like a balm than a fluffy cream.

Why is this?
In layman’s terms: store bought creams (natural and chemical) contains water which needs an emulsifier to keep the oils and water in a blended state. Which in turn keeps the cream soft and fluffy in all weather conditions. We dislike emulsifiers as well as preservatives (which all water based products need) due to their negative and harmful side effects. ..Mmmm and why should you be paying for WATER?
You are getting 100% product for your buck, without potential toxins added (even the emulsifiers/preservatives that says “Natural”) the tallow will naturally be a little harder in cooler weather and softer in warmer weather. The beauty of our Nutritious Certified Free range tallow is the way it naturally melts into your skin as soon as it makes contact with body warmth. And then watch the magic happens! Smooth, radiant and nourished.

Pssst..Tallow also contains a natural low SPF .. isn’t nature wonderful! Truly an all-in-one skin “product”.

I selectively added complimenting luxurious healing oils specifically for –

The blend of Organic/pure essential oils are hand-picked specifically for the selected skin type as well as the carrier oils, as not all skin types do well with the same oil composition.

I suggest you use the Pure Primal Oil Cleanser for problem skin, as well as Pure Primal 3C Face Bars, prior to moisturizing for optimal results.

*Pure Primal artisan nutrient-dense products are small batch, hand-made unique items with color/scent/consistency that might vary due to ingredients that change together with the seasons! True free range and grass fed animals will yield fat that differs season to season due to weather/vegetation available for them to feed from on the pastures. Raw beeswax and other botanicals will also change seasonally. We do not disrupt or alter Mother Nature.. We change our products according to what she offers each season.