Wagyu Body Scrub – Artisan Body & Foot Soak

100% Natural Bath Salts - LARGER 1Kg Refill pack


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Limited edition, exclusively First World wide, Wagyu infused, epsom salt bath and foot scrub/soak – perfect Green Gifting!
Eco packaged with loads of skin-loving DIY home spa ingredients.

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Our Limited edition 2-in-1 bath and foot scrub & soak, is mineral rich and relaxing, made with Locally harvested Oryx Salt, Magnesium , Non-aluminium Bicarb, Organic Arabica Coffee and, of course, our star ingredient: Wagyu Tallow.

Then I added Vanilla pod, Mandarin essential oil and Franscchoek Virgin Olive oil to add back all those nourishing essential fatty acids.

Packaged in a re-usable glass preserve jar.

Use to exfoliate your hands after a days gardening or your body as a DIY spa day treat.

Luxury at it’s best!


  • Add two tablespoons of the salts to running water in the bathtub or to your foot-soak after a long day – great to detoxify and relax tired body and feet!
  • Add good quality olive oil to your Pure Primal Skin all natural soak salts and use as a luxurious body/hands and/or foot scrub which will then simultaneously nourish and relax tension as you soak in your tub.

We love glass, so we bottled your favorite soak in a beautiful, reusable glass mason jar. Please could we ask you to re-use this jar as storage for e.g. rice, sugar, tea-leaves etc. in your pantry?