Local Castile Bars Ⓥ – Olive Oil Soap Bar

Franschhoek Olive Oil Soap - 100g



This vegan soap is 100% pure Extra virgin, Cold pressed Local Franschhoek Olive Oil Castile soap. Hand poured, 4-5 months cured, hand cut, double wrapped ultra-rich, creamy and moisturising, gentle, olive oil soap bar. Sounds delectable!
Truly artisanal – appreciate and enjoy!
Please Note: Most our hand-cut soaps are sold per weight.
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The Pure Primal Castile Olive Oil Soap bar is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to nourishing, moisturising and gentle bath bars. They do go soft quicker than the Boerseep based bars and definitely need a Pure Primal wooden Soap dish with enough aerated slits/holes to provide sufficient drainage not to get soggy…AND they make an excellent gift together! If you have a dry skin, Castile bars are great to wash the face with!

The Kaolin Buttermilk bars are especially good as a dry face/body wash bar as the clay also assist with pulling toxins from the skin and the olive oil replenish moisture.

I love the Verbena/Turmeric bars being rich in anti-inflammatory properties and smell so fresh.

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