Top-2-Toe Bar – Natural 3-in-1 Hair Soap

Hair, Face & Body Bar- 110g | 4.94oz


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The only certified grass fed, free body soap bars in SA. Based on traditional recipes, jazzed-up with added pure essential oils, organic botanicals and nourishing oils and fats. 100% Natural, nourishing, safe and gentle. Our soap bars stay harder to last longer – unlike the glycerin based bars. Hand poured, 5-6 weeks cured, hand cut, double wrapped ultra-nourishing, moisturizing and gentle, artisan BATH, HAIR & FACE bars.
Appreciate and enjoy!
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Herewith a little more on our natural bath soap:

TOP-2-TOE BAR – These natural body soap bars are lovely to travel with seeing you can wash your face, hair & body with them.
They have natural and organic added butters and oils suitable for either dry or oily complexion.
Please remember that your hair & scalp will go through a much needed detox shedding itself of the build-up from all of the products (plastics, chemicals etc) you have used.
We are all unique and thus will no-one go through the exact same detox. It is however normal to experience some symptoms. Hang in there – your scalp and hair will readjust and regulate the oil production cycle.

My hair is sticky & heavy – This is not uncommon when changing to a truly natural option. Just continue – it will improve.

My hair is extremely oily – Oiliness is usually associated with oil stripped from the skin/scalp/hair by using chemicals/toxins and thus your body’s first line of defence not getting too dry, is to overproduce oil to compensate for the stripped oils. Your body will readjusts and the oiliness will dissipate. Do not use your old chemical or so called “natural” bars/shampoo as you will have to restart the detox period all over again.

My hair is brittle & dry – Have you ever used dyes, straighteners, dryers, sulphate shampoos etc.? Well yes, when detox commence, the years and years of following this damaging regime will come back and bite you with an offering of dry and fuzzy dull hair. Start by brushing your hair awakening the natural conditioning oils in your scalp. Put your head forward and brush from the scalp down to the hair tips.
Remember to scrunch a little Pure Primal Body Silk OR antioxidant rich Pure Primal Repair Serum, into the tips of your hair as this will naturally nourish and promote silky smooth and healthy hair-growth and shine.

Pure Primal Bath bars are all:
Fragrance and glycerine free

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