WHAT? Water is good for us…how could water be the possible culprit of skin issues in the 100% natural, often expensive, skin care items I buy?

Yes indeed your body needs water, but to drink – internally. Topically your skin does not like water! The most common ingredient (cheap filler) in commercial & natural skincare products is water/hydro/aqua. Firstly – Water in your skincare items (lotions / butters / face creams etc) evaporates rapidly before your skin absorbs it. A lot of the much needed healing natural oils of the skin gets lost together with water evaporation. Which dries the skin and make the skin crave re-application, more often.

PS – lick your lips often or soak in the bath for a while. The water/saliva DRIES your lips and turn your fingertips into prunes – DEHYDRATES them! When we cause this imbalance by adding water to our skincare products, the skin ages prematurely and struggles to detoxify, heal and truly function optimally as protective barrier naturally intended. And my friends.. why do you want to pay for a product, made up mainly (70% – 95%) of a FREE commodity – water – which dries, ages and strip your skin?

With this nutrient and natural oil loss, your skin will try and reach homeostasis – by overproducing sebum, often leaving the skin in an oily, shiny state. When you remove the chemicals and water, replace them with nutrient dense, bioidentical, certified grass fed Tallow and organic oils, your skin will decongest and return to its true, unique balance.

Secondly – A rather important side note: Oil and water does not mix well without separation. So when you buy a water based product, you can be 99% guaranteed that an emulsifier was added i.e. cetyl alcohol, sorbitan oleate, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, triethanolamine and Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). Please read this article on SLS –

SLS promotes carcinogenic compound formations and damages the epidermis that cause irritations. For this reason, children exposed to SLS in bubblebath and bodywash nearly always develop irritated skin conditions and urinary infections. Thirdly – With an emulsifier, a paraben preservative is almost always added. I think most of you are aware of the health risks linked to parabens but in short – they are known hormone disruptors. Parabens increase estrogen production linked to early puberty in young girls, breast tissue development/feminization in men and young boys. Paraben are known to alter and damage DNA, directly linked to breast cancer.

Ladies, we are especially at risk due to every “abusive overuse” of cosmetics and creams. We absorb around 50mg of parabens served up in the external ointments and lotions we lather on and guess what!!?? Parabens promote ageing. What else do I need to say to get your skin nutrition regime cleaned up?

Okay breathe.. So in a nutshell then: The above three “issues” we looked at, leave us with 2% – 25% of space to add the actual active ingredient we want to be paying for in the first place – correct? Pure Primal is 100% PURE bang for your buck.. no water, emulsifiers, SLS, Parabens or other fillers. 100% active ingredients, 100% nutritious goodness for your skin.

And with this being said, it makes sense when we promise that our products last much longer that the standard water based skincare product. A standard commercial item will last you between 50% to 70% shorter in application period, than our Pure Primal range. With this in mind, our range will not cost you an arm and a leg…nor your skin

Those of you who know me, realize the importance of the question I put forward: Are you biologically more plant or more free range animal?

I am sure we will all stand united in saying our cells are structurally more identical to animal than plant. Keeping this in mind, please read the following about our hero ingredient, certified grass fed TALLOW, and why we are the only Bioidentical range in South Africa. Here’s the “meat and bones” about this treasured golden liquid we add to most our range.

Firstly – Biologically, the cell membrane is made up out of a double layer fatty acids of which 50% are saturated fats which is more solid than saturated fats at a given temperature, assisting with structural membrane integrity for proper function – healthy, toned and youthful appearance. Healthy skin carries sufficient saturated fat BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL as to what Pure Primal’s certified GRASS FED Tallow consist out of AND IS 100% compatible with our skin.

It fits beautifully like a key in a keyhole .. bioidentically nourishing the skin assisting it along to reach it’s optimal healthy self. Did you know that “sebum” is Latin for “tallow”? Both sebum/tallow have triglycerides as building blocks allowing efficient absorption of moisture into the skin. Read here how our ancestors KNEW what they were doing in passing down this very old tradition they initiated since around the 1700’s. Link to Tallow TALES Secondly – As our sebum structure is biologically identical to grass fed tallow, sebum craves the fat-soluble vitamins tallow offers; Vitamins A, D, E and K as well as their activators, to maintain the healthy integrity of the skin.

Plant products contain very little saturated fats nor do they have the balanced nutrients for healthy skin.

The combination of nutrients, CLA and anti-microbial palmitoleic acid in Grass fed tallow has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties, improve skin conditions such as eczema, reduce signs of aging and assist in repairing skin damage. Natures little miracle healing balm in one complete gift package – thank you!

Listen up ladies… tallow containing face balms reduce that puffiness due to the anti-inflammatory properties, it boosts COLLAGEN and makes the skin feel silky smooth without any fatty/greasy residue! We use what the industry often discard of – precious nutrient dense bioidentical tallow.

IN with the OLD and out with all the modern, chemical laden NEW. Boereraad wat werk!