Video – How to make Healing Turmeric Golden Milk

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Golden Turmeric MilkProbably the most healing ingredients you will find in one mug, that won’t taste like medicine! So we all know Turmeric as that yellow powdered herb often used in Indian cuisine, that stains everything! It however is packed full of benefits – no wonder it’s called the Queen of Spices. Lets take a look at only a handful of … Read More

Tallow .. the secret, ancient skincare ingredient

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Don’t let these get under your skin ..Let’s take a quick look at the first and probably most popular Skincare brand’s results that came up on a simple Google search: This brand hid their ‘Skin Enhancing Abilities’ and ‘Key Moisturising Actives’ under a registered trademark called ‘Cell-Moisturisers’.That really does not say anything about these “amazing abilities”. Upon further reading I … Read More

Natural Soap – From Necessity to Item of Luxury

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A brief history of SoapThe early Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greek all used variants of ash, water and mud or clay to clean themselves or to wash their clothes with. According to Ancient Roman legend, a soapy substance was discovered by chance after rainwater washed a mixture of melted fat and ash from the sacrificial mountain, Mt Sapo, to the … Read More

Mommies, babies and parental skincare

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Natural alternatives for you and your babyA baby’s newly soft skin readily absorbs nearly anything applied to it, so it is important to consider which products to use. Many baby and mommy products have very bad chemical ratings and it’s important to use 100% natural products for babies and expecting mommies. Talc based products are to be avoided as they are known … Read More

Movember and your Beard Grooming Products

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Raising awareness and funds for men’s health, is what Movember is all about. You can donate to the Movember foundation to help fund these often unspoken issues of mental health, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Men should be celebrated all year round, as men are fathers, friends, partners and just great! Whether or not you have a permanent beard this … Read More

Give Aluminium-Free Natural Deodorant a try today

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What is body odor ?   Body odor is a topic no one want to really talk about as it can be quite embarrassing. And what is even worse to think that we have colonies of bacteria living on our skin! When these bacteria break down the acids in our sweat (a process known as bromhidrosis) they produce an unpleasant … Read More