Huguenot Bastille Bath Bars – Tallow with Olive Oil Soap

Hypoallergenic/Eczema Relief 100g-110g Bars



We love the Tallow and Olive Oil Soap Bastille soap bars. The history behind these bars as well as how simplistic, yet gentle and effective they are on even the most sensitive skin. Our Castile are 100% olive oil bars, the Traditional bath bars are 100% tallow based. The Bastille bars have 70% or more olive oil and the balance Certified grass fed Tallow.

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The combination of Tallow and Olive oil makes for a soap of choice when it comes to tallow and olive oil Soap. The tallow (African) compliments the olive oil (traditionally European) beautifully and thus our renaming “HUGUENOT “ embracing our heritage.

HUGUENOT  BASTILLE – No scent with a small amount added activated charcoal. This hypoallergenic bar is the go-to for sensitive skin. Use as a hair and body bar for babies with very sensitive skin /scalp. They are packaged 2x100g bars.

LAVENDER BASTILLE  – As above, just minus the charcoal and added Lavender essential oil& botanicals. Soothing, gentle and calming.

Pure Primal Bath bars are all:
Fragrance and glycerine free

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