Cooking Tallow – Grass Fed, Free Range [NEW!]

Organic Rendered Tallow - 250ml

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Golden, nutrient rich Cooking Tallow with a pinch of locally produced Kalahari Salt – ‘dairy-free butter’ in a glass jar.

Grass Fed, Free Range Rendered Tallow is ideal for every day cooking, frying and even baking.
It adds flavour to food and baked goods.  With a high smoke point, it is perfect for frying.

Read below – benefits of using Cooking Tallow and why we use glass packaging…

What is Cooking Tallow?
Cooking tallow is rendered animal fat from ruminants, and in this case, cattle.   Rendered is when the fat (suet) is cooked down and melted.
We only use fat from Grass Fed, Free Range animals to make the Pure Primal Skin Cooking Tallow.

We’ve added a pinch of Oryx Kalahari Desert Salt to our Organic, Golden Grass Fed, Free Range Cooking Tallow.

Benefits of Tallow

Organic Grass Fed Free Range Tallow is allegen free and toxin fee.  Tallow is a great alternative to enjoy healthy fats without allergy / histamine issues and it is also a great alternative for those with dairy (butter) and casein (cream) allergies/sensitivities.

The majority of  store-bought seed and vegetable oils used for cooking, frying and baking are from GMO (genetically modified organisms) sources and prone to cause allergies and contain toxins from the processing processes.

Tallow contains high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been linked to improved body composition, immune system support and anti-inflammatory properties.

Seed and vegetable oils like Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, and Peanut Oil all use chemical solvents during their extraction process and become highly unstable, producing oxidized cancer-causing free radicals when heated.  These free radicals contribute to inflammatory and allergy reactions in the body.

Tallow consists of natural and healthy unrefined saturated fats ~ an ideal daily addition to your healthy diet. 
Tallow fat packs a mighty and healthy carb-free punch of energy.  

Profile: Saturated Fats > 50%, Mono-unsaturated Fats > 30%, Polyunsaturated Fats < 5%

Tallow are rich in fat-soluble bioavailable vitamins A, D, E, K, and B1.  Fat-soluble vitamins in tallow are easily absorbed into the body especially when eaten with fat in the meal itself.

Tallow is an excellent source of cancer-fighting CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acid) and heart-friendly Omega 3 fatty acids.

The saturated fat stearic acid found in Tallow is know for it’s cholestrol-neutral effects, induces fat metabolism and promotes appetite satiety. 

Higher smoking point of Tallow (200ºC) make it more ideal to cook with than butter (150ºC).


Processed vegetable and seed oils like Peanut Oil, Soyabean Oil, Canola Oil and Sunflower Oil have varying high levels of unhealthy polyunsaturated fats, with average levels of fat-soluble vitamins that are not always bioavailable due to the chemical processing of these seed and plant oils.

Profile: Saturated Fats < 25%, Mono-unsaturated Fats 20-80%, Polyunsaturated Fats 25-60%

Tallow is room temperature stable and will stay good for up to a year at room temperature.  Best to keep it in an airtight container and out of the sun – direct sunlight might reduce/destroy the vitamins (specifically the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K) that is naturally present in tallow.
Tallow can be store for longer periods of time in a freezer.

Why we use Glass Jars for our Cooking Tallow:

Glass is one of the best ways in which to store tallow.  After tallow is rendered, it is still warm when poured into the glass jars before being ready for purchase.

When using any form of plastic container and pouring a heated food substance into it, the plastice releases/leaches unhealthy substances.  This is the last thing we want to contaminate our organic, grass fed free range tallow with!

Glass is inert and handels changes between warm and cold conditions exceptionally well without affecting the products contained in it.

*Pure Primal Skin artisan nutrient-dense products are small batch, hand-made unique items.
Colour/scent/consistency that might vary due to ingredients that change together with the seasons!

True free range and grass fed animals will yield fat that differs from season to season.  This is due to changes in the weather and available vegetation for grazing in the pastures where they are reared.


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