Dry/Mature Face Bar – Green Tea & Oats

Natural, Hypoallergenic & Oil Balancing - 100-110g | 3.9 oz

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Dry/Mature Face Bar is perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive and dry/mature facial skins.

This Grass Fed Tallow Facial Soap Bar is hypoallergenic.
Natural tallow bar with added micro-exfoliating Gluten Free Oats and anti-oxidant rich Organic Green Tea.

Read more below about this Pure Primal Skin Tallow Soap Bar…

Gluten Free Oats has been added to the Dry/Mature Face Bar – it was specifically formulated for the more dryer and/or mature skin types.

Oats bring loads to the “table” when we talk SKIN.
Oatmeal is:

  • known for its gentle exfoliating and skin-soothing properties
  • non-irritating and has low allergenic potential
  • suited for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin such as acne, eczema and psoriasis
    and more!

Beautiful South American Yerba Mate and Organic Green Tea was further added to the Dry/Mature Facial Soap Bar.
These two teas contain loads of anti-oxidant rich properties, Vitamin C and natural occurring caffeine which help stimulate circulation and give the skin a natural boost.

A gentle hint of mild organic essential oils are blended in together with our most treasured ingredient – Golden Grass Fed Tallow.
Yes, we LOVE tallow and what it does to our skins!

Remember to apply your Collagen promoting Face Food Serum for Mature/Dry Skin after washing with your bar, followed by one of our Pure Primal Moisturiserssuch as the Face Moisturiser for  Mature/Dry Skin, the Face Moisturiser for Dehydrated/Dry Skin that may be prone to eczema or psoriasis, or the Face Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin as the this facial soap bar is hypo-allergenic.

May also be used alternating or in combination with the Clean Face Cleansers.


Pure Primal Skin Natural Soaps
All the Pure Primal Skin soaps are hand poured and cut, then cured for 4-5 weeks, before being individually wrapped.

Being naturally cured and non-glycerin soaps, they will lose moisture over time.
This means they will weigh less than the initially weight (100-110g or as indicated) as they ‘age’/cure further.
There is a benefit to this!
These soaps will last longer while using than soaps that are freshly cured (or contain glycerin, which prevents moisture loss).

Pure Primal Skin soaps are grey-water system safe, kind to the environment and wrapped in eco-conscious packaging.

Pure Primal Skin Face & Bath Bar Properties:
Fragrance and glycerin free
Skin-loving – contributes to the natural lipid layer of the skin

Tallow Soap Bars:
Only certified grass fed, free range tallow is used for these body and face soaps that are natural, safe and gentle.
Tallow provides skin friendly antioxidants, fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and has antimicrobial properties – all contributing to preventing skin problems.
Added to the base of these soaps are different natural scents, carefully selected and tested until right fragrance was found.
Also contains organic botanicals, nourishing oils and pure essential oils.

These soaps have stood the test of time over the years and the recipes hardly changed during this time.

Our products might change slightly depending on the season, read here why.


100% FREE RANGE NATURAL AND ORGANIC Saponified Certified Grass Fed, Free Range Tallow
*Organic Green Tea Yerba Mate Gluten Free Oats
*Organic local botanicals and oils
*Organic and pure essential oils.
*ORGANIC FREE FROM: Animal testing Water Alcohols Gluten Soya Dairy Sulphates Harsh Detergents (any detergents!) Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils Artificial Colours Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab Parabens Preservatives Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce Cheap Harmful Fillers Artificial anything!!

4 reviews for Dry/Mature Face Bar – Green Tea & Oats

  1. Lynette Strydom (verified owner)

    I do not wear makeup so this is ideal for cleansing my skin.
    My skin does feel clean but not dry after washing.
    Love that it is made of all natural ingredients.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    I use this soap as an alternate to the face cleanser. Wonderful product. Doesn’t dry one’s skin out.

  3. Sumari (verified owner)

    I’m using this bar on my make-up free days… really loving the clean feel of it.

  4. JENNIFER SALTON (verified owner)

    I was this Face Bar – Oats on alternative days with my face cleanser. Leave my skin wonderfully clean and soft.

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