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Babyz Body balms are hypoallergenic, thick tallow based butters, softly whipped and super absorbent.

This body balm simply melts into a silky soft, nourishing, moisturizing and healing cream – transporting nutrients into your little one’s vulnerable skins.

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Using only the purist, nutrient dense butters, fats and oils, this formulation is gentle yet a very effective healing creamy “skin food” suitable for all babies’ skins!

If suitable for baby… be rest assured that its safe for the whole family!
Young skin is much more absorbent than older skin and therefor even more important to literally be able to eat your skin care ingredients or be able to find them in your pantry.

Being naturally rich in skin nourishing lipids, Free Range Grass Fed Tallow provide Vitamins A, D, E and K and powerful Anti-Oxidants that gently repairs and nourish babies’ skin, better than ANY other natural ingredient!

Added are a few organic essential oils in very low concentrations – safe for babies.
Lavendelveld – Ylang Ylang and Lavender work synergistically together to calm and relax not only mood, but also the skin.
Thus, great for cradle cap, irritated/inflamed skin as well as soothing insect bites/scratches.
Unscented – This is the ‘ultimate’ in hypoallergenic skin butters for all those that react to just about anything.

We suggest you use Pure Primal Skin Babyz Body in conjunction with our  Pure Primal Skin Baby Bumz that acts as a 2-in-1 healing cream and barrier AND it’s cloth nappy safe.

Other Baby Care Products to use in conjuction to Babyz Body:

  • Kalm – Calming Aroma Oil Blend for bedtime
  • Breathe – Decongestant Aroma Oil Blend to open airways
  • Bugz Away – Natural insect repellant, safe to use for babies and toddlers
  • Bath & Shower Silk – Use as a nourishing body wash & light lotion, especially the Unscented or Lavendel versions.
  • Hypoallergenic Soaps – Choose between our Tallow,  Huguenot or Castile Soap Bars


Our products might change slightly depending on the season, read here why.


*Pure Primal Skin artisan nutrient-dense products are small batch, hand-made unique items with colour/scent/consistency that might vary due to ingredients that change together with the seasons!
True free range and grass fed animals will yield fat that differs season to season due to weather/vegetation available for them to feed from on the pastures.
We do not disrupt or alter Mother Nature… We change our products according to what she offers each season.

Skin type

Great for all Babies, head-2-toe!
The whole family will benefit from this gentle luxurious butter created for delicate skin.
Great for eczema, irritated skin and any TLC needy bits.


Rooibos infused Free Range, Grass-Fed Tallow Cold pressed Castor Oil First pressed SA Macadamia nut Oil Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil (Franschoek),
One or more of the following Essential Oils: *Lavender *Ylang Ylang Mandarin *Sweet Orange *Rosemary Essential Oil *Organic

FREE FROM: Animal testing Water Alcohols Gluten Soya Dairy Sulphates Harsh Detergents (any detergents!) Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils Artificial Colours Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab Parabens Preservatives Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce Cheap Harmful Fillers Artificial anything!!

3 reviews for Babyz Body – Hypoallergenic & Pure

  1. Lorraine Roux (verified owner)

    Helped my son struggling with eczema and very dry skin. He is 12 and allergic for quite a few things, but the hypoallergenic babyz body one great!

  2. Suzanne Van Eeden-Allen (verified owner)

    Ek is mal oor die room. Ek het dit vir my dogtertjie se gesiggie gekoop, maar nou smeer ek dit sommer self aan. Omdat ek die ongegeurde opsie gekies het, kan ek dit tot amper teen my ooglede aansmeer en my super sensitiewe oë brand nie. Vel voel soepel en sag. Geen “trekkerige” gevoel nie. Die room ruik ‘n baie klein bietjie soos roosmaryntakkies.

  3. Ginny Sassen (verified owner)

    loving the lavender in this moisturizing cream, I put it on my arms at night, and sleep like a baby

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