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Bath & Shower Silk – Nourishing Body Wash & Lotion

Silky Smooth & Natural Fragrances - 250 ml

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Bath & Shower Silk is an easy-to-use, every day, multifunctional, nourishing lotion and body wash.

Uniquely formulated with high quality, luxurious organic oils and Vitamins A, D, E & K rich Free Range Tallow to encourage smooth and healthy skin, preventing signs of rapid ageing.

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Our Bath and Shower Silk is a versatile, nourishing body serum that is best used after a warm bath or shower, or as a healing wash during bath time – just be mindful of a potentially slippery bath or shower afterwards. Works wonders as a leave-in conditioner applied to hair tips!

Great as an alternative to our Body Butters, this is great for those who prefer a lotion but still want the incredible benefits of free-range tallow.

“Water is usually added to products to make it more fluid – not so with your Pure Primal Skin products,” Sylvie explains. “Instead of water, which dehydrates the skin when applied topically, we add Extra Virgin, locally produced Olive Oil from Franschhoek to create this creamy, smooth body silk.”

Olive oil has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years, thanks to its anti-aging and intense hydrating properties.
It is also anti-bacterial and rich in many vitamins, including Vitamins A, D, K and skin-loving Vitamin E.

Try any of three (3) delicious scents:
– Uplifting Citrus Burst with Ginger
– Calming Vanilla & Lavendel
– Rooibos Unscented for sensitive/eczema skin

Works great with

  • Our creamy Body Butters, as a for spot treatment on very dry areas like heels and elbows.
  • Perfect as a leave-in conditioner to go with our Top-2-Toe soap bar – a foamy ‘shampoo’ soap bar without all the nasties!  Or any of the other soap bars (Artisan Soap Bars) that can be used from head to toe.
Skin types

Any skin will be thankful for this liquid gold!
Each essential oil adds specific healing properties to the lotion – why not try them all?
Those with broken or sensitive skin might need to avoid citrus oils which might cause irritation.


100% Natural
100% Free-range

*Rooibos & *Honeybush infused grass-fed, free-range tallow;
Cold Pressed Oils of: Castor, Macadamia & Olive (Franschhoek);
One or more of the following essential oils:
Ylang Ylang
*Tea tree
*Carrot Seed


All of our products are sans, without, totally free from:

Animal testing
Any detergents
Petro-chemicals and mineral oils
Artificial colours
Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab
Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce
Cheap, harmful fillers
Artificial anything

11 reviews for Bath & Shower Silk – Nourishing Body Wash & Lotion

  1. Elsie van Tonder (verified owner)

    Mouth watering stunning product.
    Looking forward to every application.
    Thank you thank you

  2. Jo van Niekerk (verified owner)

    Oh my, this is just a super food for my skin. A plaster it on liberally morning and evening. My husband loves it. He should write the reviews. ?

  3. Jackoline Brough (verified owner)

    Love it!!! But then again, I love all pure primal products and my skin has never been this happy

  4. Jess (verified owner)

    I love applying this amazing product on my skin. I literally look forward to the part of my morning when its time to do so. I have both scent options and both make me feel happy from the superb scent blending you have done.
    It’s fantastic – light and nourishing, and as a mountain guide who has spent her life in the sun and exposed to the elements, my skin drinks this in gratefully like it’s making up for lost time.

  5. Sumari (verified owner)

    Pure heavenly, luxurious, self-care- I have both the citrus burst and the lavender – One for morning wakeup and one for evening relaxing before bed… My skin feels soft, and heal faster. Plus I smell delicious all day which hubby really doesn’t mind.?

  6. Corlia Boshoff (verified owner)

    Super glad I came across this awesome product.

    I have very sensitive skin, and have tried so many lotions I can’t even recall them all, they usually make my skin either itch or don’t moisturizer it at all!

    My skin just LOVES this bath and shower silk and just slurps it up.
    I will definitely only be using this from now on

  7. Kelly

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! This is the best ‘skin food’ treat I have ever used on my skin!!

  8. Rowena (verified owner)

    I am loving this product. I use it after showers and baths. It makes my skin feel so silky soft and nourished. Will definitely order more.

  9. Elmarie (verified owner)

    Waar was Pure Primal my hele lewe?
    Die bath&shower silk laat my vel verfris en super sag voel.
    Ek slaap soveel beter vandat ek dit gebruik.

  10. Renette Jansen van Vuuren (verified owner)

    I just cannot wait for my daily shower. I love to end my hot shower with the Bath & Shower Silk. It makes my skin feel silky soft, and I do love the smell too. You will love it too!

  11. Lucia (verified owner)

    Oh how I love this product. It a ridiculous love affair. Makes my skin feel soooo soft. No chemicals, edible! What more do you want to feel safe and amazing at the same time?

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