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Top-2-Toe Bar : Natural 3-in-1 (Hair, Face & Body Soap)

Hair, Face & Body Bar ~ 100g-110g | 4.94oz

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Top2Toe Bar – Natural 3-in-1 Tallow Soap – Truly an ‘all rounder’!

Ideal to use from Top (hair), to (face) Toe (body).
100% Natural, nourishing, safe and gentle.

A ‘must have‘ for all travellers!

Please read more below….

TOP-2-TOE BAR : Hair, Face & Body Soap

These natural tallow body soap bars are lovely to travel with seeing you can wash your face, hair & body with them.
They have natural and organic added butters and oils suitable for either dry or oily complexion.
Please remember that your hair & scalp will go through a much needed detox shedding itself of the build-up from all of the products (plastics, chemicals etc) you have used.
We are all unique and thus will no-one go through the exact same detox. It is however normal to experience some symptoms.
Hang in there – your scalp and hair will readjust and regulate the oil production cycle.

My hair is sticky & heavy – This is not uncommon when changing to a truly natural option. Just continue – it will improve.

My hair is extremely oily – Oiliness is usually associated with oil stripped from the skin/scalp/hair by using chemicals/toxins and thus your body’s first line of defence is to overproduce oil to compensate for the stripped oils. Your body will re-adjust and the oiliness will dissipate. Do not use your old chemical or so called “natural” bars/shampoo as you will have to restart the detox period all over again.

My hair is brittle & dry – Have you ever used dyes, straighteners, dryers, sulphate shampoos etc.? Well yes, when detox commence, the years and years of following this damaging regime will come back and bite you with an offering of dry and fuzzy dull hair.
Start by brushing your scalp and hair with a gentle hair hairbrush to awaken the natural conditioning oils in your scalp. Put your head forward and brush from the scalp down to the hair tips.
Remember to scrunch a little PPS Skrunch Butter OR PPS Bath & Shower Silk OR antioxidant rich PPS Repair Serum, into the tips of your hair as this will naturally nourish and promote silky smooth and healthy hair-growth and shine.

Other suggested soap bars that can be used as a ‘shampoo’ include the following:
Earthy Scented Tallow Soap Bar : Normal, short or medium length hair
Citrus Burst Tallow Soap Bar : Oily, short and especially blonde hair
Huguenot Bastille Bars / Castile Soap : Sensitive and allergy prone scalp


Tallow Soap Bars:
Only certified grass fed, free range tallow is used for these body and face soaps that are natural, safe and gentle.
Added to the base of these soaps are different natural scents, carefully selected and tested until right fragrance was found.
Also contains organic botanicals, nourishing oils and pure essential oils.

These soaps have stood the test of time over the years and the recipes hardly changed during this time.

Pure Primal Skin Face & Bath Bar Properties:

Fragrance and glycerin free
Skin-loving – contributes to the natural lipid layer of the skin

Pure Primal Skin Natural Soaps
All the Pure Primal Skin soaps are hand poured and cut, then cured for 4-5 weeks, before being individually wrapped.

Being naturally cured and non-glycerin soaps, they will lose moisture over time.
This means they will weigh less than the initially weight (100-110g or as indicated) as they ‘age’/cure further.
There is a benefit to this!
These soaps will last longer while using than soaps that are freshly cured (or contain glycerin, which prevents moisture loss).

Pure Primal Skin soaps are grey-water system safe, kind to the environment and wrapped in eco-conscious packaging.


Our products might change slightly depending on the season, read here why.

Skin/Hair Types

Great for all skin types – hypoallergenic. The high content of anti-oxidants & Vitamin’s A,D,E & K, in certified Grass Fed Tallow Boerseep based bars, helps to heal damaged skin cells and reduce inflammation.


100% NON TOXIC 100% FREE RANGE NATURAL AND ORGANIC Saponified Certified Grass Fed, Free Range Tallow *Organic local botanicals and oils *Organic and pure essential oils. *ORGANIC FREE FROM: Animal testing Water Alcohols Gluten Soya Dairy Sulphates Harsh Detergents (any detergents!) Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils Artificial Colours Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab Parabens Preservatives Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce Cheap Harmful Fillers Artificial anything!!

10 reviews for Top-2-Toe Bar : Natural 3-in-1 (Hair, Face & Body Soap)

  1. Genevieve Tammy (verified owner)

    I can’t live without this…. I don’t spend more on unnecessary variation of soaps from face to body to every part of the body. Which still ends up damaging your body. One bar one life. One happy healthy human. Love the quality for hair to my toes. I have break outs on my face each time I use anything else. This helps sensitive skin.

    • Sylvie Hewitt

      Thank you Genevieve! So glad you have found the perfect soap for you 😉 We appreciate your support and feedback!

  2. De Waal Greyling (verified owner)

    Smells nice & doesn’t dry out one’s skin as other soap does. Highly recommended!!!

  3. HannaA (verified owner)

    Absolute life saver on several occasions now… Latest purchase for a friend and this is the perfect Xmas present for sure… No curly frizz drama on hair and soft on skin, especially face. Worth every moment,

    • Sylvie Hewett

      Always wonderful to hear how someone made the switch from commercial shampoos to this soap bar and loving it – thank you Hanna!

  4. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    This soap is amazing, my hair has changed completely, I have curls and no frizz and I only need to wash it twice a week, and it just feels and looks so healthy. And the smell is just the bonus

  5. Jo van Niekerk (verified owner)

    I look forward to using 3 in 1 on my hair daily. I was stingy, until my son just cut my soap in half for his hair and face. It cleared his acne. A go to soap.

  6. Amanda Venketsamy (verified owner)

    This was a big shift for me because it goes against everything I was taught to look after my hair BUT it has worked so well. After the initial adjustment, my hair is shinier and fuller and I’m experiencing significantly less hair fall and none of the itchiness than I used to experience with traditional shampoo. The first bar I bought lasted me 3 months so is also working out cheaper in the long run (I don’t use it on my body because then I would be missing out on all the other deliciously fragranced soaps from Pure Primal)

  7. IRENE MAYORKINOS (verified owner)

    I love using ONE product for hair and body. But the best thing is the squeaky-clean feeling of my face and hair after I rinse it off… no other product gives me that feeling!

  8. Tracy Matticks (verified owner)

    I bought this soap for myself and now my fiance is hooked too! I love that we are able to use the same amazing product as this means less shopping for me, less clutter in the shower and it works so wonderfully 🙂

  9. Lida-Mari (verified owner)

    Hooked!The sizes do vary but the weight stays the same.Purely the way the soap is made and formed.The only soap I am using.Love the smell and feel.

  10. Jeané Rex (verified owner)

    It works well, BUT I was shocked at the difference in size from when I bought it the 1st time about 2-3 months ago. Can’t believe it’s the same price for half the size. Please check…

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