Family Ointment – Unscented Skin Butta [NEW!]

Hypoallergenic Ointment for Sensitive Skins - 250ml

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Family Ointment – Gentle, nourishing & healing ointment for all skin types and for the whole family:

  • Full body cream for especially hypersensitive skins
  • Nourishment for extra dehydrated/dry/winter skins
  • Healing and repair for Eczema prone skins
  • Ideal for rashes and itchy skin
  • Gentle and healing treatment for Cradle Cap

(Same formula as Babyz Body Sensitive/No Scent in a larger size)


Family Ointment – Unscented Skin Butta for the whole family.

This waterless, tallow based butter will melt and absorb easily to nourish and repair skin from head to toes!
Using only the purist, nutrient dense tallow and selected hypoallergenic oils, this gentle creamy body butter is an effective healing “skin food” that is suitable for all skins.
Especially sensitive skins (from baby to adult) will benefit from its healing properties.

Contains NO irritating scents or components – just pure healing, gentle goodness from the selected ingredients.

True free range and grass fed animals will yield fat that differs from season to season due to weather conditions and the available vegetation in the pastures they graze on.
The smell of this product will differ from batch to batch and from season to season due to this, i.e. the tallow (fat) smell might be more prominent in certain batches.

Use in combination with any of the Pure Primal Skin Hypoallergenic Face & Body Soap Bars.
Alternatively, use the Pure Primal Skin Bath & Shower Silk Unscented to wash with and apply the Family Ointment afterwards for healthy skin.

*Pure Primal Skin artisan nutrient-dense products are small batch, hand-made unique items with color/scent/consistency that might vary due to ingredients that change together with the seasons!
Botanicals (seed/plant and essential aroma oils) will also change seasonally.
We do not disrupt or alter Mother Nature…
We change our products according to what she offers each season.



*Rooibos infused Free Range, Grass-Fed Tallow
Cold pressed Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil (Franschoek),
Essential Oils (*Organic):
*Rosemary Essential Oil

Animal testing
Harsh Detergents (any detergents!)
Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils
Artificial Colours
Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab
Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce
Cheap Harmful Fillers
Artificial anything!!

4 reviews for Family Ointment – Unscented Skin Butta [NEW!]

  1. Jane Williams (verified owner)

    Nourishing and pure. My skin slurps it up 😉

  2. Lorraine Roux (verified owner)

    Love this product. My son can’t go without it with his eczema. And his body/skin doesn’t become intolerant of it. So thankful to have come across this product. And Barbara is always so helpful and just adds an extra personal touch.

    • Sylvie Hewitt

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the Family Ointment Lorraine! It is always so encouraging to hear when a product provides a solution to a skin care challenge. Message from Barbara – Thank you and glad to assist ;))

  3. De Waal Greyling (verified owner)

    Excellent product, keeps the skin soft and supple.

    • Sylvie Hewett

      Thank you DeWaal for your avid support and feedback on this product – we really appreciate it!

  4. HannaA (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. A little bit goes far. Leaving you soft, moisturized and sparkling all day long.

    • Sylvie Hewett

      Wonderful to receive such positive feedback on a new product! Thank you!

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