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Hands and Heels – Healing Hand Balm

Bioidentical Free Range Tallow Balm - 50ml

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Hands & Heels – Tallow based Healing Balm

Filled with antioxidant qualities to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections, stimulate the growth of new cells and increase the skin’s resilience and elasticity.
On top of that, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, soothes inflamed skin and tightens pores.

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Healing Balm for smooth, silky Hands and Heels in winter? Why on earth not?!

For this healing hand and heel balm, we have blended choice essential oils into our buttery, free-range tallow and virgin, cold-pressed oils to hydrate and brighten rough, dry skin.
When you feed your skin what it hungers for, you give it the tools to look after itself – the way it was designed to do.
The human skin and free-range tallow have so many things in common!

Both contain fats which:

  • Help maintain skin cell integrity
  • Allow for easy absorption of nutrients
  • Contain the healing, fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E & K

Updated & Improved scents/fragrances include:
– Rose & Jasmijn, Vanilla & Clementine, Ginger & Patchouli and Clementine & Verbena.

Works great with:

  • Our Kalahari Body Soak & Scrub infused with various essential aroma oils. Mmm… you need to smell it to believe it!
  • One (or one after another!) of our organic, certified free-range Bath Soaps. Tea & Roses, Koffie & Mint or Citrus Burst anyone?


We are dependent on Mother Nature for our delicious products and she has a reputation for being moody.
Different seasons produce different vegetation which results in different tallow, and therefore a slightly different end-product.
It actually is a fascinating topic and you can find out more about it here.

Skin types

Great for anyone with dry skin in need of special attention, or for long-time Pure Primal users who only need to maintain their already-silky skin! Pregnant women might need to use products containing spearmint with caution.


Ingredients 100% Natural 100% Free-range *Rooibos-infused, grass-fed, free-range tallow; Extra virgin, first & cold-pressed Franschhoek Olive oil; Cold-pressed Castor oil; Oils of Argan, Red Raspberry & Pomegranate Seed; One or more of the following essential oils: Peppermint Spearmint Rose blend *Patchouli Geranium Bay Cinnamon Cedar Naartjie *Mandarin Verbena *Organic. All of our products are sans, without, totally free from: Animal testing Water Alcohols Gluten Soya Dairy Sulphates Any detergents Petro-chemicals and mineral oils Artificial colours Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab Parabens Preservatives Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce Cheap, harmful fillers Artificial anything

13 reviews for Hands and Heels – Healing Hand Balm

  1. Erika Meyer

    The only cream that has ever worked for my daughter’s winter’s hands.

    • Sylvie Hewitt

      Glad it is working so well 🙂 Thank you Erika!

  2. Sanet

    Absolutely LOOOVE the product. Smells yummy and doesnt leave a residue or oilyness. I have two Mini Schnauzers and I even use it on their little scratchy paws! Hahha jip Im that lady….

    • Sylvie Hewitt

      Thank you for the positive feedback Sanet, we appreciate it! Yes, so natural it can even be used on your two Schnauzers to relieve dry skin.

  3. Lise

    I received the 28ml tester as a gift, loove the Vanille & Thee scent, it smells like custard to me (in the best way). The texture is amazing and buttery and my skin quickly absorbs it. First time trying pure primal products and love everything so far. Would love a body butter in this scent, it’s amazing and I want to keep applying it for the smell and feel!

  4. Helmien Aucamp (verified owner)

    Werk wonderlik vir my besige, buitelug seuntjies se droë hande en skurwe knieë!!! Dit het wonders gehelp vir my seuntjie wat geneig is tot wintershande!

  5. Elsie van Tonder

    My hands needs TLC after gardening and this is repairing my skin in no time to super soft.
    Another stunning product. Thank you Sylvie!!

  6. Jo van Niekerk (verified owner)

    I must admit, I even rub this behind my ears for the smell. This cream is luxuriously rich and wholesome. I wish it were a in perfume form too.

  7. Merrielle Coombs (verified owner)

    The very best handcream!
    Can’t do without it!

  8. Jackoline Brough (verified owner)

    My all time favorite cream, I have 1 in almost every room, at the office and in my hand bag.

  9. Linda (verified owner)

    Best hand cream ever.

  10. Susan Dey (verified owner)

    This is by far the best hand cream I’ve ever used!! Absolutely love it.

  11. Carl Barnard (verified owner)

    Great product

  12. Melissa (verified owner)

    Love this! My hands feel luxuriously soft and not oily at all.. bedside staple..

  13. Hanli Louw

    Love this hand lotion! The best I have ever used leaves your hands hydrated, feels and smells great!

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