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NamaNooi Natural Lip/Cheek Tint [NEW]

Long-wearing & Nourishing - 5ml/7g

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NamaNooi – Uniquely first tallow based lip/cheek tints
– All natural and nourishing lip colours!

  • Long wearing (up to 4 hours)
  • Moisturising & nourishing lips
  • Free of any chemicals!

More on the colours and ingredients, see below…


Best Seller position

No. 1 in NamaNooi Natural Make-up Range

Add colour to your daily life, without adding chemicals to your system!

Use lip brush or finger tip to apply tint to lips as light or as dark as you prefer.   ‘Clean’ the brush/your finger tip on cheeks and/or eye lids with the remaining tint.

Tint colour on lips can last up to 4 hours, depending on conditions and activities after application.
An added benefit besides being all natural,  is that it doesn’t dry out your lips like most stay-fast/long wearing lip colours do.
Colour on cheeks and eyelids can lasts up to 8 hours.


NamaNooi Lip/Cheek Tint colours range from a light, soft pink (Blos) to a dark aubergine (Moerbei).
Any of the available colours can easily be blended to get even more colour variations to apply to lips, add colour to cheeks and even use as gentle eyelid colours.

NamaNooi Lip/Cheek Tint Colours on white paper

Colours (LTR) : Blos | Desert Pink | Protea Pink | Kalahari Sands | Moerbei. Dark application and light application of each colour.


Depending on your skin colour and the natural oils of your skin, these colours might look lighter or darker as the image below demonstrates.

NamaNooi Lip/Cheek Tint Colours on different undertone skins (inside arm).

LTR – Moerbei | Protea Pink | Blos | Desert Pink | Kalahari Sands


NamaNooi Natural Lip/Cheek Tints contain the following natural and non-chemical ingredients:

  • Tallow (Free Range, Grass Fed) – The base/foundation of all the tints.  Providing nourishing and healing properties to these tints.  More essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins for lip health and nourishment than any other oil or fat.  A natural SPF.
  • Raw Beeswax – Hydrates/moisturise and sooths lips.  Repairs damaged skin.  Antibacterial. Protective barrier against dehydration and bacteria.
  • Oils : Castor/Coconut/EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Franschoek) – Contain fatty acids that replenishes dry skin.
  • Organic Mica – Long lasting organic colours.


Ideal to use in combination with the Pure Primal Skin Lip Lekker and Lip Botter balms.

As these products are made from natural ingredients, there might be slight variances from batch to batch and seasonally.


Grass Fed Free Range Tallow*, Raw Beeswax*, EVOO (Franschoek)*, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Mica, Non-nano Titanium
Essential Oils : Clementine*

1 review for NamaNooi Natural Lip/Cheek Tint [NEW]

  1. Justine Strydom (verified owner)

    Lipps is a must in your daily make up routine
    Wonderful product and lasts four hours as per information on packaging.
    Beautiful colors for beautiful people.
    Loving it
    Pure Primal You Rock 😉

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Use lip brush to brush on lips. Or dab onto lips with finger tip. Use the residue on brush/finger tip to colour your cheeks and eye lids. Mix with other NamaNooi Lip Colours for more colour variations.

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