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Under Armor Sensitive – The SENSITIVE version was specifically made for those who have very sensitive underarm skin.
Also ideal for those who do NOT carry a strong body odor.

If you easily get a rash under the arm, then start with the Sensitive formulations.
Thereafter try the Strong formulations next if you need more odor control.

OR we suggest you try the sensitive Charcoal formula – and NO – this does NOT make anything black!
Charcoal actually lightens skin slightly.
If you use the pea-size dose and rub in thoroughly, you will not have stained clothing at all.
We promise!

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What is Pure Primal Skin Under Armor?

Pure Primal Skin Under Armor was formulated after business owner Sylvie, literally tried every “natural” deodorant she could ‘get her pits’ on!  None worked and some actually magnified her odour!

This is our bestseller that everyone loves!
Unlike many other natural deodorants, our natural deodorant really works!  Under Armor will keep you fresh & confident to brave the hottest African summer season.

Yes, we are meant to sweat!
It is a healthy and normal part of being human. We excrete toxins via lymphatic drainage and forms part of our sweat.
It is when the moisture and sweat wafts an odour that we need to take better control off.

Pure Primal Skin Under Armor is the natural alternative to deodorant for men and women and will absorb odors as well as most of the moisture, especially the Charcoal & Mint option.
Charcoal can adsorb thousands of times its own weight in moisture and harmful substances. One teaspoonful of it has a surface area of more than 10,000 square feet.

Adjusting to our 100% natural deodorant may take some time as your lymphatics will go through a detox period.
Put two (2) weeks “adjusting time” aside when switching from using commercial deodorant to our all natural Under Armor.

Initially (especially if you are using the STRONG formulation), you might experience irritation and slight redness as your body adjusts and release accumulated toxins from over the years.
Hang in there – it is a step in the right direction and avoiding commercial carcinogenic ingredients.

* When you know your skin is more sensitive and if you have been using the STRONG formulation and it gives you a slight irritation during/after 10-14 days, this SENSITIVE formulation is the recommended choice.

There are 5 different fragrances/scents to choose from and especially consider the Under Armor Sensitive Charcoal & Mint option due to the moisture absorption properties of charcoal.


Our products might change slightly depending on the season – read here why

Skin types

This formula was specifically made for those who have very SENSITIVE under arm skin and does NOT carry a strong body odor.
If you get a rash easily under the arm, then start with the sensitive and try regular next if you need more odor control.
OR we suggest you try the sensitive Charcoal formula – and NO – this does NOT make anything black. Charcoal lightens skin slightly. If you use the pea-size dose and rub in thoroughly, you will not have stained clothing at all. We promise!


100% FREE RANGE – certified ORGANIC Free Range, Grass Fed Tallow NON GMO Potatoe starch *Coconut oil Kaolin Clay Baking Soda – NO Aluminum
Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil (Franschhoek) Rosemary essential oil
One or more of the following: Pure Activated Charcoal Pure Epsom salt *Mandarin essential oil *Orange essential oil Pine essential oil *Lavender essential oil Rose Blend essential oil *Bay essential oil *Cinnamon essential oil *Patchouli essential oil *Wintergreen essential oil *Spearmint essential oil *Lemongrass essential oil *Peppermint essential oil *Lemon essential oil Lemon Verbena essential oil Sandalwood essential oil Juniper Berry essential oil *Organic.
FREE FROM: Animal testing Water Alcohols Gluten Soya Dairy Sulphates Harsh Detergents (any detergents!) Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils Artificial Colours Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab Parabens Preservatives Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce Cheap Harmful Fillers Artificial anything!!

19 reviews for Under Armor – SENSITIVE – Natural Deodorant

  1. Zakolien Fourie (verified owner)

    I have been a client of Pure Primal for some years now and have used a lot of their products. NONE of them has ever disappointed. I absolutely love every product I have tried, especially the Under Armour. As a person that enjoys sports and the sun I have not come across something that keeps me dry like this product. It has a fresh subtle smell and being organic I do not have to worry about any nasties entering my body and can use it every day. I absolutely love the new fragrance (Autumn – Clementine & Vanilla), my only regret is buying it in sample size along with my usual product and not getting the normal size.

    • Sylvie Hewitt

      Thank you Zakolien for your glowing review on the Under Armor Sensitive, we appreciate it! Glad you like the new Under Armor Sensitive Autumn and trust you will get the 100ml size next time 🙂

  2. Franziska (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant! And works like a charm – really enjoy the vanilla & citrus fragrance & for now (winter) the sensitive one does the job just fine – will see in the Oudtshoorn summer if I should change 😀

    • Sylvie Hewitt

      Thank you for rating the Under Armor Sensitive Autumn (vanilla & citrus)! Be on the lookout for some exciting news relating to this product in the near furture… 😉

  3. Tumi Pitswane

    My partner and I swear by this deodorant. Literally the best thing on the market. Obsessed with the charcoal and mint flavour!

  4. Sheryldene Du Plessis (verified owner)

    It’s the only underarm product I have been using for years now, love the product and loving the new Clementine and Vanilla one.

  5. Keru (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product as its gentle but effective on my sensitive skin. An amazing gem to add to your beauty regime.

  6. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    Brilliant product, my skin is less painful and I have far less irritation after shaving. And it keeps me dry for hours, love it

  7. Irene (verified owner)

    I love, love, LOVE your Under Armor… I was skeptical about the black charcoal, but like every other product in your shop… IT DELIVERS! It smells wonderful, and keeps working forever!! Thank you Sylvie xxxxxxxx

  8. Else-Marie Van Tonder (verified owner)

    I bought the charcoal under armour and absolutely love it, you still smell it after the end of each day, this is my new go to deodorant. Love it!

  9. jodi wolmer (verified owner)

    These ingredients are amazing, the smell is delightful and I am so enjoying using under arm deodorant this way

  10. Jackoline Brough (verified owner)

    I could not use the strong under armor but the sensitive under armor is absolutely wonderful for daily use, no rash or reaction to this product. This was my 3rd purchase of this product. Will not use any under arm products again!

  11. Jess (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. I’ll never use anything else. I love the smell and as a mountain guide who needs to wear the same clothes for days on end when doing multi-week trips, it works superbly to keep my pits happy throughout. I recommend it to everyone!

  12. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Love the smell and really works !

  13. Bianca (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  14. Gyorgy (verified owner)

    Amazing doesn’t feel greasy, easy to wash off of your hands, smells amazing and works well and smell is not over powering. The peppermint/charcoal also 10/10 awesome product! AND doesn’t stain your clothes.

  15. Lindie (verified owner)

    First non toxic product that I use that didn’t irritate my skin and I use it every day, often twice a day. Love under amour!

  16. Michelle Ross (verified owner)

    I love the smell and the feeling on my skin.
    But unfortunately it only works for a short while and I need to re apply it regularly.
    I do love the product but would love it even more if it lasted longer.

  17. Amee Rust (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it

  18. Maurice (verified owner)

    very nice and long lasting smell.

  19. Leta Joubert (verified owner)

    love it

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