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Huguenot Bastille Bath Bars – Eucalyptus & Citronella

Sensitive Skin : 115g-125g Bars

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Huguenot Bastille Eucalyptus & Citronella – this soap is ideal to use in combination our Bugz Away, especially when camping, hiking or spending time outdoors.

This soap bar is cleansing, yet gentle on even the most sensitive skin. 
Made with 70% (or more) Extra Virgin Olive Oil and about 30% Certified Grass Fed Tallow.

Read more below about this Pure Primal Skin Soap Bars…

Huguenote Bastille Bath Bars

The combination of Tallow and Olive oil makes for a soap of choice when it comes to tallow and olive oil Soap.
The tallow (African) compliments the olive oil (traditionally European) beautifully and thus our renaming “HUGUENOT “ embracing our heritage.

HUGUENOT UNSCENTED BASTILLE – No scent with a small amount added activated charcoal.
This hypoallergenic bar is the go-to for sensitive skin. Use as a hair and body bar for babies with very sensitive skin /scalp.

HUGUENOT LAVENDER BASTILLE  – As above, just minus the charcoal and added Lavender essential oil & botanicals.
Soothing, gentle and calming.
Lavender essential oil is antibacterial and also known to assist with would healing.

HUGUENOT BASTILLE : LIMITED EDITIONS – Same base, just with other aroma essential oils.  Available for a limited time only.
(When popular, possibility of becoming a regular product)

Pure Primal Skin Face & Bath Bar Properties:
Fragrance and glycerin free
Skin-loving – contributes to the natural lipid layer of the skin

All the Pure Primal Skin soaps are hand poured and cut, then cured for 4-6 weeks, before being individually wrapped.

Being naturally cured and non-glycerin soaps, they will lose moisture over time.
This means they will weigh less than the initially weight – 100-110g (or as indicated) as they ‘age’/cure further.
There is a benefit to this!
These soaps will last longer while using than soaps that are freshly cured (or contain glycerin, which prevents moisture loss).

Pure Primal Skin soaps are grey-water system safe, kind to the environment and wrapped in eco-conscious packaging.

Our products might change slightly depending on the season, read here why.

Skin/Hair Types

Great for all skin types – hypoallergenic.
The high content of anti-oxidants & Vitamin’s A,D,E & K, in certified Grass Fed Tallow Boerseep based bars, helps to heal damaged skin cells and reduce inflammation.


100% FREE RANGE NATURAL AND ORGANIC Saponified Certified Grass Fed, Free Range Tallow *Organic local botanicals and oils *Organic and pure essential oils.
*ORGANIC FREE FROM: Animal testing Water Alcohols Gluten Soya Dairy Sulphates Harsh Detergents (any detergents!) Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils Artificial Colours Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab Parabens Preservatives Any strange chemicals you can’t pronounce Cheap Harmful Fillers Artificial anything!!


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